You give him the silent treatment

Louis: "Speak to me, peasant!" Your boyfriend yelled as he followed you into the kitchen. You wanted to smile but you were still mad at him. He burnt you while he was trying to do your hair. He did this every time he attempted to straighten your hair, which is why you refuse to let him every time he asks. Today, he actually convinced you that he wasn’t going to hurt you. You were mad that he made the promise he couldn’t keep. Even if it was just a small problem. You went to the fridge to get some strawberries and he came up behind you. He leaned and said into your ear, "I’m sorry, boo. I don’t mean to hurt you. It’s just that your hair looks so pretty straight and I want to help. I’m not much of help, though. You’d think I’d be amazing at it, since I’m amazing at everything, but I’m not. Sorry." His apology was cute but you liked his begging. You sauntered away from him. You grabbed your phone and texted Harry. Tell Louis that he needs to beg more for me to talk to him.  You pressed send and within seconds there was a response. Ok? Louis groaned from across the kitchen. You turned to look at him and smiled, waiting. “Ugh, Y/N, you’re so annoying. Please forgive me, boo. I promise I won’t ask to straighten your hair ever again. A queen like you should deserve only the best. Not her boyfriend burning your neck.” He apologized. You smiled and hugged him gently. “Thanks, Loubear. It’s fine. I really don’t care that you burnt my neck. I just liked you begging.” He glared at you as you pecked his lips.

A/N: Already did Niall’s in his POV. Here’s the link jkfvbrgwb. Sorry I only did one boy. I wanted to do them all but I burnt one of my fingers and it’s kinda hard to type with a little cast thing. Hope you liked it. Request some more please! -Miranda xx

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